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Ion Plaza Installation for the Ion District

  • United States
  • Houston
  • The Ion
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  • The Ion District and Rice Management Company request qualifications and preliminary installation proposals from artists or artist teams to create a site-specific temporary installation on the Ion outdoor plaza located within the Ion District for three months, from January through March 2023. 


    The artwork should be interactive, engaging, playful and contain a lighting element. It should also have a presence during daylight hours. 


    The full plaza measures approximately 250’ long x 40’ wide. The trellis is approximately 134’2” long x 33’7” wide. Elements within the trellis area and extending throughout the plaza can be 


    considered. Maintenance and safety are key considerations as the plaza is fully accessible to the 

    public 24/7. Artists should also consider the relationship to the Ion’s restaurants and their patrons on the patio, as well as views of the artwork from the interiors. 


    Interdisciplinary teams, innovative partnerships, new media, digital art, interactive installation concepts are all encouraged and welcome. The art installation must be site-specific and created or repurposed for the context of the Ion District. 


  • 50000
  • Please submit the following to by Monday, June 27, 5:00pm:

    1.     Resume or CV (2 pages max) 

    2.     Up to 10 digital images of past work demonstrating ability to complete the project. 

    3.     A brief artist statement highlighting your practice (300 words max).  

    4.     A letter of intent describing a method of approach, which may include a narrative, suggested materials, installation details and any other relevant information. Include up to 5 sketches, mock-ups, illustrations, or other reference images demonstrating your preliminary design concept (PDF upload). 

    5.     Two (2) academic or professional references 

  • 27/Jun/22