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“Eye On Art” Window Installations for The Ion District

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  • The Ion and Rice Management Company request qualifications and preliminary installation proposals from artists or artist teams for the “Eye On Art” display windows located at The Ion, the newly renovated historic Sears building that is the hub of Houston’s innovation economy. Two artists/teams will be selected to create site-specific installations in each of the display window banks to be exhibited for 6 months. The displays are highly visible from the streets and will ideally engage and attract visitors from the community and beyond. Each installation will be on display for six months according to the following exhibition schedule and is subject to change: 


    Fannin Window Installation 1: November 2022 – May 2023

    Main Street Window Installation 1: November 2022 – May 2023


    Interdisciplinary teams, innovative partnerships, new media, digital art, interactive installation concepts are all encouraged and welcome. Each art installation must be site-specific and created for the context of The Ion District. Power and lighting are available in the displays. 


     Ion District is a new kind of urban district to Houston initiated by Rice Management Company that prioritizes street life, public space, and a mix of uses that embrace technology, community, and sustainability. It is a centrally located at the heart of innovation activity in Houston, encompassing over 16 acres in the Midtown. At the center of the district is The Ion, a 266,000-square foot structure designed to bring Houston’s entrepreneurial, corporate, and academic communities together into collaborative spaces and programs. 


    The “Eye On Art” program pays homage to the original department window store displays of the beloved Sears building on which The Ion was built by engaging local artists to create site-specific art installations. Strategically placed, as the entry points and eyes of the building, the two highly visible display windows facing Fannin and Main Streets serve as beacons to draw the community in. The display windows are a unique opportunity to reimagine Sears' store windows and build on the collective memory of the space’s past, present, and future through the lens of artistic and creative expression. The Ion is committed to creating opportunities for Houston-based artists by providing long-term platforms to create, innovate, and collaborate. 

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  • Please submit the following to by Monday, June 20, 2022 at 5:00pm CST:

    1.     Resume or CV (2 pages max) 

    2.     Up to 10 digital images of past work demonstrating ability to complete the project. 

    3.     A brief artist statement highlighting your practice (300 words max). 

    4.     A letter of intent describing a method of approach, which may include a narrative, suggested materials, installation details and any other relevant information. Include up to 5 sketches, mock-ups, illustrations, or other reference images demonstrating your preliminary design concept (PDF upload). 

    5.     Two (2) academic or professional references 

  • 20/Jun/22