#StopTheWar | Special Call : HOME

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  • A R T • 9 藝術點搞
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    There are different countries, different races, different cultures, and different languages ​​on this planet, we are all living here with our family and friends. We have many differences, but everyone has the same concept of home in their hearts. No home deserves to be destroyed. Most of us may not live in the war zone nor go through the war fighting for our peaceful life and home today, but we all know conflict has a heavy price from history. At times like this, we must be united with compassion and courage to stand together, to protect our home as well as our neighbors on this planet.

    A R T • 9 is not a political organisation but the art space is running by art education professionals. Art as education and education through art is always the core values in our curatorial practice. At this very moment, we cannot watch this happen in our neighborhood indecisively because art and community are born to be connected. We may not solve this needless conflict unfolds. Yet, if you have a chance, will you join us to nurture our student-artists community together with peace and love?

    Education is the least that our special call could do. The special call opens to all international artists working on all mediums related to the topic of “HOME”. The online showcase and exhibition aim to capture and highlight what makes a home and what value we should uphold for our home in recent happenings and the darkness on the edge of the world.


  • Website | https://www.artdim9.org/
    Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/art.9.hk/
    Please note that the art space only accepts online applications, no alternative forms of applications are accepted. For more information about this special call, please contact us at application@artdim9.org.

  • 03/03/2022
  • application@artdim9.org
  • https://www.instagram.com/art.9.hk/
  • https://www.artdim9.org/special-call