Erotic August Festival

  • United States
  • Washington DC
  • DC Dada and Rhizome DC
  • Unspecified
  • No
  • Erotic August is seeking participation! Including, but not limited to: visual, installation, and performance art for the month of August 2022.


    About Erotic August:

    We want to honor and respect, not shame and trigger.

    We emphasize the joy, playfulness, and possibilities of erotic life. 

    We love the new, weird, and hard to categorize.


    About You:

    You bring new stories, perspectives, and voices, especially from erotically marginalized adult populations, including the elderly and people with disabilites. 

    You're excited to share your creations with the community of thought and the evolving public consciousness of erotiscism.


    Challenge us, surprise us, arouse us! 


    No live sex.


    DEADLINE May 29, 2022 midnight.


  • 29/05/2022