Customize an NFT

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  • We have created a completely blank INTRON NFT so that you can customise it!

    • What is INTRONs?:
    1. INTRONS is the proposal of the artist Solimán López to solve the human and natural presence in virtual spaces or metaverses.
    2. Starts off with a genesis collection of 1500 dynamic generative NFTs which have the capability of storing and representing 15 traits of their holder’s genome.
    3. The project represents an evolution in the representation of reality, in which biotechnology is placed at the service of the artist's gaze.
    4. The result is a new digital entity extracted from scientific data of the human genome based on genetic tests, developed by the company ADNTRO.
    • Details of the Open Call
    1. You have total creative freedom, both the design and textures of the piece and background are customisable.
    2. We will choose 1 artist per month and we will promote his/her INTRON design in our social networks during this time period. If you want to participate, send us an email with your design in digital format, 3D or in a photo.
    3. If you are chosen, you will receive your minted custom NFT
    4. We are so excited to seeing your creative proposals!
  • Send us an email with your design in digital format, 3D or in a photo.

    You can also contact us via Discord:

  • 30/Sep/22