Catharsis at Burning Man 2022

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  • Black Rock Desert
  • Therme Art
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  • In our journey to bring Catharsis to physical life on the occasion of Burning Man 2022: Waking Dreams, we are eager to extend our invitation to artists, creators and Burners from across the world for more opportunities of co-creation and collaboration. Our open call for art proposals invites you to become a co-creator of Catharsis by presenting an artwork at this multifaceted and ever-expanding installation.

    Unfolding as a fractal geometry with 7 gateways that reach up towards the sky, Catharsis is a multiverse seeking to explore the infinity of our dreaming mind. Introduced to the metaverse in 2019, Catharsis can still be digitally visited here. After over 3 years of research and manifestation in the metaverse, our community will come together to collectively bring Catharsis to life, extending its life across the virtual and physical realms. Like a waking dream, this structure is free from the many boundaries encountered in the physical world, enabling the process of building dreams that lies at the core of the Burner Communities’ power to produce new realities.

    The Catharsis Crew’s aim is to create a fully participatory and collaborative environment that is run on the principles of radical self-expression and creativity. Together, we are fully committed to Burning Man’s radically participatory ethic and we value the importance of an open heart. 

    Catharsis will flourish through our shared principles of active collaboration and co-creation, to strengthen the bonds that exist between art, culture and community. Hence, we would like to invite you to submit your artwork proposals through the questionnaire below.

    Please keep in mind that we are likely to prioritise artworks that meet the following requisites:

    • 2D art that encompasses the Catharsis vision
    • Large and small sculptures to place within the galleries of Catharsis
    • Performances that explore concepts of place, belonging and community
    • Interactive and/or immersive artworks that engage the senses

    Please note that due to a high volume of submissions and other logistical considerations, your proposal may not be chosen for this specific iteration of Burning Man. We are working as best as we can to give everyone an equal opportunity for expression and thank you for your support and genuine interest in the creation of this project. 

  • Please fill in the following questionnaire.

  • 17/Jun/22