Call-out to Curators for Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2023

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  • Call-out to Curators for FaB Festival 2023 : Have an idea for an exhibition? Tell us about it.


    Fringe Arts Bath (FaB) is a test-bed for the new, wonderful and sometimes odd. We invite fresh and challenging concepts and encourage you to think outside the box!

    FaB Curators' shows can include: performance, intervention, installation, multi-media and video work, photography, drawing, painting, sculpture and all disciplines in between.


    FaB is totally open, anyone can apply, with any level of experience: students, graduates, artists, local, national, international.


    FaB runs an annual festival of contemporary visual arts in Bath, UK, established in 2007. FaB transforms empty shops and spills out onto the city’s streets, installing art in unexpected places to surprise, challenge and delight.


    Curating a show for FaB Festival is a great chance to gain experience in this competitive field, to realise your own exhibition or event, to make new contacts and network. In past years FaB has initiated exchanges between artists and curators from London, Brighton, Manchester, Swansea, Oxford, Bath, Hungary, Poland, Canada and beyond.


    Get in touch and tell FaB about your idea: if selected, FaB will help you develop your concept, reach artists, and your project will form part of Fringe Arts Bath Festival in May-June 2023.


    Visit for info and to apply.


    Deadline 30th October 2022.

  • Submit a proposal of approx. 500 words detailing the underpinning themes with supporting images and your CV. You can submit as a PDF, a Powerpoint, a video, an audio file, or by post. If another format suits you better, let us know. 


  • 30/Oct/22