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    We are putting out a call to new members.

    For forty-seven years, from Soho to Chelsea, Pleiades Gallery has spotlighted artistic movements and artists notable for creating work that crosses genres and borders, generational contexts and disciplines.

    We seek out and welcome new members who continuously refresh our high standards and uphold and explore our vision.

    Are you a Pleiades artist?

    A spirit of commitment to its artists and their art has always been a cornerstone of the gallery. Throughout the year we host solo shows, curated group shows and juried shows.

    Pleiades artists reflect a broad range of sensibilities from realistic to abstract and represent a diversity of styles, ages, viewpoints and mediums. Some of us have had work represented in major museums and a number have been selected to participate in competitions juried by curators of prominent institutions around the world.

    Pleiades Gallery offers opportunities for both established and emerging artists.

    We invite you to submit your work for consideration.


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  • 01/04/2022