Art Intervention in AUSTRIA / CARINTHIA Summer 2022

  • Austria
  • Carinthia
  • Ronja Fábián
  • Unspecified
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  • We are realizing an art exhibition which will take place in the south of Austria in form of an intervention in public spaces. The project aims to bring art, culture and new perspectives closer to people who don't have the opportunity to enjoy cultural institutions like galleries or museums. We interfere in different locations where art usually is not represented e.g., hospitals, gas stations, remote/isolated areas in the country side. 
    The project should encourage people to extend their perspective so they can get out of their own bubble by simply making them discover art in a playful way. 

    For this intervention we take some secondhand vending machines like chewing gum dispensers or some of those, that sell toys in small capsules but instead of selling small toys or food, we fill the capsules with QR codes who provide access to a website. This website presents and displayed a selection of artists from different countries who also work in different fields of visual arts. 

    With the purchase of one capsule which contains a QR code, one gets the possibility to buy a piece of art from the artist of their choice in form of a FINE ART print. There is a certain budget for printing and shipping within Austria, so that means everything will be fully covered by us until we are out of budget and the money from the sold print goes directly to the artist itself. 

    The Prints are going to be available in different sizes and each print sells for  

    50 Euro / A4 
    70 Euro / A3 
    120 Euro / A2 


    What we need from you is 


    • An artist biography 

    • A high-quality Scan / Reprography of your chosen artwork in JPG as well as in PDF.

    • (Note: Your medium/technique can be anything such as drawings, painting, photography, installation, objects. Just make sure that you digitalize it into a file with a quality that is printable). 

    • A description of your artwork 
      (Note: It's important that you provide a text additionally to your work. The description, related to your work can also come in form of a poem or an instruction of exactly that technique that you have used). 

    •  Your contact such as an E-Mail address, links to your website and/or your social media account. 

    • Please note that we can only accept submissions via E-Mail in English or German. 


    Till:       4th of July 2022. 

  • 4/Jul/22