2023 Taoyuan International Art Award Call for Entries

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  •  “2023 Taoyuan International Art Award,” organized by Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts, calls for entries from 4 April to 22 April 2022. New works created by individual or group disregard nationality that have yet been exhibited nor recognized by any award at home or abroad are eligible for registration.


    Total prize increased to NTD 1.45 million


    With an aim to promote the experiment and innovation of contemporary art, Taoyuan International Art Award provides a platform for creation and exchanges to incubate new generation of artists, enhance international art exchanges, and cultivate art research and practices. The Award is organized biennially, with one year for entry submission from around the world and one year for exhibition, so that artists can have more time for work creation and exhibition planning. The Call for Entries is open to works of any material, category, or field. Artists can submit entry either in Chinese or in English. For artists that are selected after the preliminary review, the Organizer will cover the expenses for the basic exhibit build-up, fees for return transportation and the roundtrip tickets of coach (economy class) to and from Taiwan for foreign artists to partake in the exhibition in Taiwan. One winner for “Grand Prize” will be determined from the shortlist with a prize of NTD 600,000 and three winners for “Honorable Mention” with a prize of NTD 200,000.


    Two rounds of selection with preliminary and secondary reviews; an exhibition for an international dialogue


    The Taoyuan International Art Award employs a 2-round selection. The first round is an online selection. Artists selected in the Preliminary Review will build up their exhibits and participate in the exhibition in Taiwan. The second round involves on-site review by the jury, followed by an interview in person with the participating artists. The selected entries will be exhibited on the first floor of Taoyuan Arts Center in March and April 2023.


    Art workers are cordially invited to enter the competition. Art lovers diverse in cultural backgrounds or ages are welcome to the exhibition for an international dialogue. The Call for Entries starts from 4 April to 22 April 2022. Kindly visit the official website of “Taoyuan International Art Award” (tmofa-tiaa.com) for more details.

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  • 22/04/2022
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