2022 CPI Cultural Experts Training Program

  • South Korea
  • Seoul, Busan
  • International
  • No
  • 2022 CPI Cultural Experts Training Program Open Call for Applicants
    Now you can apply for the 2022 CPI Cultural Experts Training Program! You can find the details of Open Call and Application Form on our website below.
    ▶ Deadline: ~ September 4th, 2022 (Sun.) 24:00
    * Korea Standard Time (UTC+9)
    ▶ Recruiting Field: Performing Arts, Popular Music, and Publication
    ▶ How to Apply: by Email at cpi@kofice.or.kr
    We look forward to your participation.
  • How to Apply

    ▶ Registradion: By Email to CPI Secretariat (cpi@kofice.or.kr)

    ▶ Submit the documents below in a one PDF file.

          1) Application Form (mandatory)

          2) Evidence of your career (mandatory)

          3) Approval letter  from your affiliated organization (mandatory)

          4) Reference Letter from the Embassy of the republic Korea or Korean Cultural Center of your             country.

  • 2/Sep/22
  • cpi@kofice.or.kr
  • http://eng.kofice.or.kr/notice/notice_view.asp?f_seq=21846&fbclid=IwAR0GpM7GpHqHQ3pN3RpCeb7_vhEKY9lYJlUhAMNPtL3EkUJUZhiAn1Sykp8