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WFB*5 Magazine Open Call







Entry Fee:

Where Flowers Bloom is a magazine that promotes Swiss artists through an annual magazine. The next edition, however, wants to open its horizons to international artists. This open call is open for all artists working in different mediums: photography, visual arts, dance, performance, writing, video and film industry. The theme for the next issue is: re-defining boundaries. 

We live in a time where physical, geographical, social, cultural and technological boundaries are changing, what can art or design tell us in these terms? And above all, how are these changes being faced and interpreted by artists? The development of new technologies has opened up new design possibilities, the issue of environmental sustainability has taken center stage in production, social networks are a source of inspiration but also a source of inner conflict. Artists from all creative fields are constantly confronted by psychological limits that challenge critical thinking, lateral thinking, and creativity. The next issue of Where Flowers Bloom focuses on the topic of boundaries and limits in contemporary society, what they are, how they are represented and how we can redefine them to shape a new imaginary in step with today's society.

How to apply: 

Do you want to join the magazine? All you have to do is send us an email of your project and a short description about yourself and your project. The selection will take place in February and only 10 artists will be contacted for the next stage. 

Expiration date: 
Tuesday, January 24, 2023